"I don't know what I don't know."


Extracting the 'full value' from your business management solution isn't something that many advisers have the desire or time to deal with - however the reality is that it will be one of the major contributors to your success if managed correctly.  So where do you start?  Start by talking to someone within your trusted network that is already kicking goals and is willing to share some of the great ideas that has changed their business and they way in which leverage technology.  You should also always speak with your IRESS Account Executive or feel free to contact me directly (you can find my contact details are here).


Whilst no one would expect you to know about all the features within XPLAN or how to best implement them, we do expect that as a practice owner you have the vision for where you'd like to take your business.  Therefore you need simply ask the question, "I'd like to acheieve X, how can the system help us?" and let us guide you.  If you'd like to get started right now, have a look at some of the ideas available on this website.  



Michael Kinens.